Carbon Dream



Wanted: Technical breakthrough

After the initial quick but thorough analysis we were able to define the essential design issues. Subsequently, we focused our efforts on finding principle solutions. We did this pragmatically and by involving our network of suppliers. In this way, defining and intelligent choices were made regarding the strucutre of the product in terms of subsystems, functional mechanical solutions and the use of carbon.


Test, test, test… test…

The suitcase is sold with a lifetime guarantee. So we had to make a suitable design. We did this with clever design and implementation, and by analysing, simulating and testing a wide range of solutions. Curb tests, sand- water- and mud tests, endurance tests, temperature tests, drop tests, load tests, etc. On the basis of the results, where necessary, we were able to further improve the solutions.

Jet set marketing

A luxury brand and a product for the  jet set requires the right marketing efforts – putting the right people in the right places. The launch with Prince Albert at the Monaco Boat Show is in sharp contrast to the nightly work in brightly lit workshops in industrial units, where Spark and its suppliers produced the first series of perfectly working and finished models.