Emergency seatbelt releaser

Emergency seatbelt releaser

Every year in Holland some 750 cars end up in the water. As a result, about 50 people die from drowning, the majority of whom still had their seatbelt on. Research shows that many people, when they hit the water, panic and forget to undo their seatbelts.

"The best idea"

The winning idea in "The Best Idea in Holland 2007" is a seat belt which automatically clicks itself open under water. During the competition Spark helped the inventors, Cees Stam and Jolanda van den Berg, transform this clever idea into the promising product concept which went on to win.

Separate click-on product

The new seatbelt releaser is a separate click-on product and is universal in that it fits onto almost every exisiting seatbelt. What's more, it's simple to assemble - that means in your car too! In this way, introducing it into the market isn't dependent on the car industry and everyone can use it in their current car.

Since the competition, Spark has developed and tested the product further. The product has not been introduced into the marktet.