Cargo Bike Big Babboe

Cargo Bike Big Babboe

For many families with a home in the city or children that are too young to cycle, a ‘bakfiets' or cargo bike is the solution. The only disadvantage is that they're pretty expensive. Our client wanted to bring a cargo bike to the market that was considerably less expensive than the others.

Flat-pack logistics

We got the project assigned because of our network in the Far East. While production costs in Asia can be cheaper, the shipping of the cargo bikes shouldn't lead to high transport costs. Our solution was as simple as it was extraordinary: we designed a cargo bike that could be shipped to Europe in flat-packs.

DIY assembly

The consumer buys the ‘Big Babboe' as a simple to assemble kit. All the complex parts are already pre-assembled in Asia. The buyer only has to put together the saddle, the handlebars, the pedals and the cargo box itself, with little effort and without being an expert on bicycles.

Tight supervision

Producing such a new and complex product in the Far East is no easy task. Spark had to ensure tight supervision of the production and intensive communication. From the building of the prototypes to the startup of production we were in the factory to make sure everything was produced according to the designs. With the desired quality, solid and safe.