Based on an idea by the inventor Robin Lokers, Spark developed a multifunctional children's chair: the BoxChair. Lokers invented his ‘kitchen chair with four arm rests' so that children can wash their hands at the sink without the risk of falling off the chair.

‘The Best Idea'

Lokers and his invention took part in ‘The Best Idea of the Netherlands 2008' and the concept was developed with the support of the designers at Spark. They saw a way to add great value to this product by significantly increasing the number of uses of the chair. Leading the development process were the need for safety and ease of use for the child and the ergonomics for the parents. They shouldn't have to keep lifting the child in and out of the chair.

Small children can get into the BoxChair via an extendable step, through two doors that only open inwards. This allows them to step easily into the BoxChair and safely enjoy making a mess at the tap!

Child friendly

The standing board in the BoxChair is adjustable to two heights, to grow with the children. And Spark has made the BoxChair functional even for the smallest children. Placing the extendable step upside down in the top of the frame creates a convenient high chair.

Spark gave the BoxChair a child friendly feel by giving it a transparent design with rounded openings that stops the child from ever becoming stuck. The frame itself is made from lacquered wood and the swing doors, the panel on the front and the extendable step are all made from colourful plastic.

Robin Lokers and Spark reached a very reputable third place and received a bronze medal during the finals of ‘The Best Idea of the Netherlands 2008'.