Business cards holder

Business cards holder

The company which commissioned us to develop the HENK suitcase approached us about coming up with a corporate 'give-away' for their clients.


We developed the idea of designing a business card holder in the form of a miniature version of the HENK suitcase. The result is a ´look and feel good´ product. A couple of compartments, with a carbon divider, makes it possible to separate your own business cards from those you receive.

With the help of a centrally-located mechanism that makes use of gravity, only the upper compartment can be opened, preventing the business cards which are stowed away from falling out.


It's also possible to remove the partition, providing one large storage space. An internal locking mechanism makes it possible to lock one side. The business card holder is available not only in a stylish carbon edition but also in leather. One of our partners in Asia is responsible for the production.