Carver: groundbreaking vehicle

Carver: groundbreaking vehicle

‘I've never had so much fun in a car', presenter Jeremy Clarkson said of the Carver in the TV programme Top Gear. The Carver has the comfort and safety of a car and tilts into the bends like a motorcycle.

Future vision

The Carver started out as the vision of Anton van den Brink; he wondered: “How much car do you actually need for one person?” This led to a new three-wheeled  vehicle concept with the tilting sensation of a motorbike.

Patented technology

The basis of the unique tilting mechanism is the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system of Carver Engineering. The rear part of the Carver, with the two rear wheels and the drive train, remains on the ground and is hydromechanically connected to the cabine. The single front wheel tilts with the vehicle body into the bends, to a maximum of 45 degrees.

Styling and sensation

Using styling studies, we investigated possible construction forms for the exterior and the interior of the Carver and modelled them in 3D CAD. We then used this to mill the moulds for the bodywork. The bold looks of the Carver, in combination with the unique tilting mechanism have been well received worldwide. So good, in fact, that after Richard Hammond waxed lyrical about the Carver in an episode of Top Gear,  an unexpected number of enquiries from consumers was received. In the end, 220 Carvers have been produced. And of course we have one too; to use as a company transport and demonstration vehicle. And to show that sustainability can be cool and sporty too!


The Carver is still regarded as a future-oriented concept of sustainability and is reflected in several concept cars. For example, the Carver was a model for the CLEVER and the Persu Hybrid tilting three-wheelers. Similar concepts can be seen in the pre-production model for the Lumeneo Smera, the Narrow Car Company’s NARO prototype and the concept car Nissan LandGlider.

The Carver also forms the basis for the PAL-V, a ‘flying car' that we have developed together with PAL-V Europe NV.

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