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  • FoodCare Innovatie TrophyFoodCare Innovatie Trophy
  • GIO AwardGIO Award
Casserole: attractive meal heater

Casserole: attractive meal heater

The Casserole is a meal heater that keeps the rituals around eating intact: serving a tasty meal from the evocative serving dish and eating from your own plate, instead of eating from disposable packaging. In this way, the elderly can enjoy their meal more and it minimizes the chance of malnutrition.

Familiar form

The concept of the Casserole is based on a deeply-rooted eating pattern: cooking in the kitchen, eating at the table. To underline this, the Casserole has a division between form and function. The base, used to heat the meal, references a hotplate with its round shape, black colour and graphics. The colour, radii and the thickness of the walls of the lidded white dish are reminiscent of a traditional ceramic serving dish. As soon as the meal is warm, it can be taken to the table so that the food can be served.

Healthy, tasty and easy

We have designed the Casserole in such a way that it can heat ready-to-eat meals slowly and evenly, so that all the ingredients keep their nutritional value and taste.


From the outset of the design process, we made contact with food vendors, healthcare institutions and distributors, in order to benefit from their expertise. What’s more, the concept design was tested by users – in their own home – and optimized further.

Made in Holland

The Casserole is manufactured in the Netherlands. The assembly takes place in a social workshop. Thanks to the clever design, the assembly is simple, as is the de-assembly and separation of materials.


The Casserole has won both a GIO award and the GIO Special Award for Excellence in the 'Respect' category. Previously, it also won the Chefs Innovation Trophy in the 'Apparatus' category at the trade fair Welcome to Care.