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Compact+ digital magnifier

Compact+ digital magnifier

With the visually-impaired in mind, Spark and Optelec have developed the Compact+: a portable digital magnifying glass capable of up to 10-fold magnification.

Foldable handle

Fundamental to the concept of the product is the intuitive feeling achieved by the lens being located exactly in the middle of the back of the screen. Whatever the lens sees, is magnified and visible on the display. The addition of a foldable handle means the user can experience the Compact+ as a classic magnifying glass too. With the handle tucked away, the Compact+ looks like a modern, PDA-type gadget.

The optimum choices we’ve made in terms of optical design mean it’s possible to place the magnifier directly onto the paper and still get a sharp, well-illuminated image. And by shifting the lens to the side, the Compact+ will sit at an angle on the paper, allowing the visually-impaired user to read what he writes.

Unmissable aid

Pressing the “freeze” button means you can hold a particular image on the screen, making it simple to read even the label of a can sitting all the way on the top shelf. The Compact+ offers a choice of magnification, has an inverted colour mode and adjustable colour combinations.

The magnifiying glass is an unmissable aid for many users. For them it’s a comfort to know that we have developed the Compact+ so that it works not only with a rechargeable battery pack but also just on penlight batteries – available the world over.