Cup-a-Soup vending machine

Cup-a-Soup vending machine

This soup vending machine, which offers a choice of three flavours, was developed by Spark for Unilever. The instant soup brand ‘Cup-a-Soup’ is associated with a work break in the afternoon. The design had to connect with the Cup-a-Soup image. It had to have a real ‘feel-good’ vibe.

Clever air flow

Our first choice: which material to use? Metal or plastic? We went for the latter. Plastic offers more possibilities - crucial when good design is your priority. If applied intelligently it also offers better value for money.

The technical design was not straightforward. This was due to the central distribution point for the soup. The three soup flavours are dispensed via the one spout. Flavour contamination was to be avoided at all costs. On top of this the soup powder mustn’t clog the spout. Keeping in mind that a cup of steaming hot water is placed underneath and the soup powder is dry, not easy at all. Our solution? The right choice of materials and a clever air flow.

Coffee machine

A particular feature of the soup machine is its easy assembly. Pumps, valves, hoses and wires are all at the back. Where they are visible and easy to access during production.

Furthermore the design may be easily adapted for another use such as a coffee machine by retaining the housing and replacing the internal parts. Hence the manufacturer can supply a different machine without a large investment.