Helmet adjustment system with quick-release mechanism

Helmet adjustment system with quick-release mechanism

This new adjustment mechanism for Etto cycle helmets Elite-sport line is incredibly simple to set and fits perfectly on the head. And, it takes full advantage of the patent for the quick fit mechanism.

Perfect fit

The cycle- and ski helmets made by the Norwegian manufacturer Etto are sold throughout Europe. For the Elite-line cycle helmets, they wanted a lighter and smaller adjustment mechanism that fits better on the head. We produced the new housing from resilient plastic elements that follow the contours of the head and thereby nicely distribute the pressure evenly over the head. In addition, the lightweight and open structure ensures better ventilation during exercise.

Greater comfort and lower costs

The plastic parts of the adjustment mechanism have been reduced to only 40% of the original weight. This delivers a cost saving and at the same time offers more comfort for the cyclist.


The new system has a contemporary look. The mechanism’s central cap is interchangeable and can be produced in different colours. This offers great possibilities for branding and distinguishing price levels within the product line.