Excellerator: personalised drinks device

Excellerator: personalised drinks device

Spark has come up with a design concept of the ‘Excellerator' for DSM. A new drinks bottle which both strengthens and communicates the DSM-vision of "personalised nutrition''.

Mixable sports drinks

Central to the design are 2 compartments in which different concentrations of sports drink can be kept. The drinks are mixed in the lid of the bottle, and the proportions of the drinks mix can be altered by turning the lid. In this way, the athlete can, at any time, adjust the proportions of the drinks which come out of both compartments to suit his needs.

The styling of the bottle, with the characteristic hole in the middle, accentuates the two compartments. This striking design also ensures a good grip during sporting activities. The rubber casing connects the compartments and also acts as a good shock absorber. The drinks bottle exudes the sporty character that you expect from this brand.

Personalised drink device

The rubber material has been supplemented with DSM's laser marking additive Micabs; this makes the material suitable for engraving with a laser. So the name of an individual athlete can be inscribed on the Excellerator. This strengthens the "personalised" character of the drinks device. The colour orange was chosen for those Excellerators handed out to the Dutch athletes during the Olympic Games.

The Excellerator was designed by Spark for DSM and engineered and produced by Promolding. The first Excellerators were successfully road-tested by members of the Dutch Olympic team at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.