Fietsklik®: transport more, more easily, on your bike

Fietsklik®: transport more, more easily, on your bike

Transporting a crate of beer by bike is always a huge hassle and a tough job. "This can be done way more convenient" thought three young entrepreneurs. They knocked at Spark's door and together we developed their idea into a practical system carrying groceries easier and safer: the Fietsklik® Click and Crate.

Multifunctional bike crate

The original question was to design a collapsible support to go on the back of a bike for crates and baskets. While talking with the client, we came up with a much more versatile concept. The bike crate we developed is also foldable and stackable. The wheels and extendable handle make it is also perfect for using as a shopping basket. And, to prevent theft, you can lock all the components together on the back of the bike.

Sometimes someone drops by with a small question, to which the answer can make a big difference in daily life.

Ease of use

We made the Fietsklik® system in such a way, that it is simple and intuitive to use. The solid Klik fits on the back carrier of almost any bike. Using this practical base you can then easily attach the Crate or other Fietsklik® accessories, such as various models of panniers. Thanks to our clever design, the click even is a comfortable seat.

Short time-to-market

Because Fietsklik® wanted to market quickly, we developed the Klik and Crate in a very short time, all the way to production. After the design phase we made the die-cast molds for the plastic parts. The Fietsklik® is now on sale via Fietsklik® and the ANWB website.