Fresh ground coffee in supermarkets

Fresh ground coffee in supermarkets

The smell of freshly-ground coffee; wonderful. To increase the ‘fresh’ experience and to strengthen the connection with the brand, DE Master Blenders 1753 has developed an 'in-store' coffee grinder so consumers can freshly grind their own beans.

Wonderful fragrance and the perfect grind

We developed this milling system in cooperation with Ditting, market leader in the area of coffee grinders. The consumer scans the chosen beans; on the touchscreen he can select his coffee maker and the system chooses the right presets. Each variety of coffee bean has a different moisture level and bean size. To achieve the perfect grind for every cup of coffee, the distance between the millstones and the duration of the grind are adjusted. The ‘In-Store Grinder’ has a clear and user-friendly interface that guides the user step-by-step through the milling process.

Brand perception

The content displayed while waiting takes the consumer back to the origin of the selected bean variety. An explanation about the beans, the milling process and about DE’s brand values is given. We have developed graphic user interfaces and mood films for a number of brands that bring to life the brand experience.

We have also developed a convenient content management system, which uses images and an .xml file, allows for new coffee brands to be installed on the grinder quickly. In addition to this software-development, we also supervised the production of the hardware.