Design bathroom and shower chair

Design bathroom and shower chair

This Eco-Systems high-low chair Sedoccia excels in terms of design, ease of use and stability. This is because we have taken the user experience as the starting point. The result: widespread acceptance among carers and residents of a nursing home.

Protected and safe feel

For care home residents, being washed is not always a pleasant experience. For this reason, we wanted to ensure that, at the very least, the user feels safe and comfortable. The arm rest supports and protects and, thanks to an innovative bar mechanism, the head rest ensures the body moves naturally; it pushes the head lightly back when the chair tilts backwards. In this way, the resident doesn’t feel like he is falling backwards. It is important that the carer can reach all areas. We achieved this by including many adjustment possibilities in the design. The chair is pleasant to use because, among other things, the height and tilt angle can be adjusted electronically.


The shower chair is unique, not only due to its subtle and sleek design but also because of the special mechanisms – integrated into the frame and seat – that cleverly combines the various movements and for which we have obtained the patents.

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