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  • Dutch Design AwardDutch Design Award
  • GIO AwardGIO Award
HENK - High-end Suitcase

HENK - High-end Suitcase

Before HENK approached us, he had already been on a long journey. Design offices in California and Germany came up with the basic idea for this super-luxurious and perfect suitcase. We made HENK a reality.

Ultimate travel comfort

Large wheels, the best lightweight materials and a life-long guarantee, you wouldn’t expect anything less for HENK's 17,000 Euros price tag.

Strong and light

It was certainly not a simple design task because HENK is groundbreaking. The technology we have used in the case is complex and required a delicate touch. The components must stay exactly in their place in order to deliver longlasting quality. In turn, this places high demands on the housing. This must be absolutely rigid. Steel wasn’t an option. So we decided on materials like carbon, titanium and magnesium. Durable yet lightweight.


In addition to the constructive suitcase housing, we also developed a range of fine mechanical subsystems from the telescopic handle system to the wheel hub, from the security system to the interior wall lock. A superior finish with amongst others carbon, horsehair and ebony wood. HENK is a suitcase of the highest possible quality.