Electric marine pump for Holmatro

Electric marine pump for Holmatro

Large- and medium-sized boats have a hydraulic system for operating, for example, the boom support brace and the backstay. For Holmatro, Spark designed a new housing for an electric marine pump, the heart of this system.

Modular use

Spark based the pump housing on an aluminium extrusion unit in which the complete pump technology is installed. The construction is vibration-damping because the pump is mounted in rubber supports. By simply varying the length of the extrusion unit, Holmatro can supply marine pumps of various sizes within the same housing concept.

The extrusion unit is enclosed on both sides by a solid end cap. This is injection molded from the plastic ABS with molded polyurethane gaskets. The end caps are identical, which requires only one injection mold, keeping costs down.

Cool image

Holmatro developed the pump technology and set high standards for the new housing in terms of the professional look, the waterproofness and the modular use. All this at low cost despite the relatively small numbers manufactured.

The Holmatro marine pump excels with a sturdy, robust and professional image. It is a perfect example of the attention that Spark pays to all its products, whether they are industrial or consumer products.