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Hydraulic pump for rescue equipment

Hydraulic pump for rescue equipment

Hydraulic equipment is of vital importance to fire service rescue operations; for example, to cut open crashed cars and free trapped victims. An extremely quiet pump that runs on petrol and supplies the power for hydraulic cutters and spreaders, is what Holmatro Rescue Equipment envisioned.

Extremely quiet

The Holmatro SPU 16 PC is a new step in the market for hydraulic high pressure pumps; it is more compact, lighter and quieter. In a rescue situation it is important for the victim and the rescue worker that the pump is extremely quiet; for communication and the well-being of the victim.

Thanks to the low weight (16.7 kg) and the ergonomic design, the pump can be carried safely and easily by one person. For this purpose, an ergonomically-shaped handle has been created in exactly the right place. The connections for the hydraulic tools and the controls are grouped together for efficient operation. LED lights on the connections guarantee that work can also be done safely and quickly in the dark. The pump immediately switches to idle speed when the tool is not in use, keeping the noise and fuel consumption to a minimum.

Powerful, straightforward and robust

We chose for a powerful stylistic elements and distinctive colours. This makes it clear that the product is a power source, and strengthens the Holmatro brand image. The user functions have a logical and legible form, making them accessible and readable. In addition to the appearance of high technology, the design details and dark accents communicate robustness and protection.

In 2010, Spark and Holmatro received a Good Industrial Design (GIO) award for the SPU 16 PC noise-proof pump.