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iZi2Connect roof-rack clamp

iZi2Connect roof-rack clamp

Together with HTS Packline we designed the iZi2Connect for HTS Packline from scratch: a ski-box connector that fastens a roof box simply and quickly to the roof-rack of a car. This resulted in a one-piece ski-box clamp, causing hardly any loss of packing space.

Easy to use yet secure

The connector works via the sophisticated clamp, which has a solid upper section and a sturdy, movable hook beneath it. In one simple movement, the system can be hooked onto the roof-rack by using the existing slots in the ski-box. The connector can then be tightened up firmly with the large gripped knob on the upper section.


The compact design is extremely secure. Spark made careful calculations for the iZi2Connect relating to its crashworthiness and its ability to withstand extreme manoeuvres. Intensive crash testing proved that the robust, self-locking internal clamp mechanism prevents the IZi2Connect from coming loose, even at high impacts and under large mechanical forces caused by sudden turns.

Design in the house-style

The ski-box fastener has a compact and dynamic design and, both in terms of experience and appearance, it fits in seamlessly with the high-end HTS Packline ski-boxes. In this way, Spark presents an innovative design that confirms the HTS Packline brand identity and recognition.