Awarded product
  • GIO AwardGIO Award
  • Syntens Innovation AwardSyntens Innovation Award
  • KVK - MKB Innovatie Top 100KVK - MKB Innovatie Top 100
EasyScan eye scanner

EasyScan eye scanner

This powerful high precision camera takes photos of the retina without the need for eyedrops. The first generation i-Optics EasyScan was ready for improvement: need for a cost reduction due to expensive components while at the same time providing a visual upgrade.

Time to market

It was of great importance for i-Optics that the new product be introduced to the market quickly. This is a big challenge with such a complex product, but thanks to clear objectives and rapid choices we succeeded. We developed the new EasyScan in just 8 months; from the initial brainstorming to production samples. We integrated a new procurement component that improved the reliability and made the product less expensive. We made the adjustment mechanism much more precise; we focused on designing for easy assembly and, as a result, were able to achieve a significantly lower cost price. Parrallel to this, we have improved the EasyScan’s user interface.

Brand recognition

The stylistic elements we have established, subtly build upon the previous generation and fit with the unchanged camera housing. These recognisable elements strengthens the i-Optics brand.


The EasyScan is an award winning product; it won a GIO (Good Industrial Design recognition), was one of the finalists of the Dutch Design Awards (category Professional) after being scouted by the jury, and it was on top of the list of the MKB Innovation Top 100.