ING ATM front

ING ATM front

ING Bank and Postbank merged under the name ING. The Postbank brand disappeared, just as we had developed a brand new ATM front for the Postbank. This blue front with integrated LED lighting was put back on the shelf and in record time Spark developed a completely new ATM front - this time in the ING house style.

One-piece design

We took on the complete development and production preparation of the new front for the ING ATM and created a sleek design based on the concept provided by the retail designers at Storeage. The ATM front has an angled rectangular shape and is made from 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, which looks like it is hewn from a solid block.

Seamless installation

Besides the very high quality demands of the house style, the ease of installation of the new front was also important for ING. In total, almost two thousand Postbank ATM fronts had to be replaced. A smooth installation at all locations, without the need for on site finishing, would reduce costs considerably.

Clever spring mechanism

We devised a clever spring mechanism by which the ATM front can be accurately adjusted in all directions. The specifications of the ATM itself are fixed, but how deeply they are embedded in the wall can vary per machine. There's now an adjustable piece between the front of the ATM and the machine itself to invisibly resolve these fluctuations in depth. A smart solution providing maximum quality for the client, the customer and the installer.

Visibility through LEDs

The ING logo and the orange-coloured steel edge of the ATM front are illuminated from the back by a series of LEDs. The lighting only comes on at dusk and the intelligent dimmer adjusts the light intensity to how dark it is outside. The darker it is, the less bright the LED lights are illuminated. Energy efficient and stylish.