Inspiring HTM tram

Inspiring HTM tram

The Hague Tram Company (HTM) asked us to create an inspiring visual brief for the new design of the Hague tram. We got to work with the HTM brand values and ‘The Hague feeling’ and translated this into an inspiring, visual guide in the form of a book.

Brand driven innovation

The HTM is synonymous with Dutch public transport. In particular, the characteristic shape and the red lines of the trams have long been a recognisable part of The Hague’s street scene. The new tram that’s being developed not only has to fit in with this rich history but also with the brand values of HTM and the ‘Modern Chique’ of the city of The Hague.

Brand values translated into design

How do you express HTM brand values visually? What is the essence of ‘The Hague feeling’? These are questions that we elaborated on in diverse sessions with HTM and which formed the basis for the initial mood boards. These mood boards guided the translation of the brand vaues into design elements, such as ratio, lines, colour, material and finishing. Ultimately, the sessions resulted in an inspiring book for the parties involved; with clear guidelines and suggestions for exterior and interior.