Cutting edge Business Model Innovation

Cutting edge Business Model Innovation

International Plywood (IP) is a stockholding supplier and has been a leader in the wood industry for years. At the end of 2013 the company was chosen as ‘Best supplier of sheet materials in the Netherlands’ for the third time. To expand their leading position, IP joined forces with Spark in the search for strategic innovations.

Combined force

We worked together with Nuovalente, a partner specialised in the development and achievement of added value for clients, for this strategic project. We combine knowledge of Business Model Innovation (BMI) and ‘Design Thinking’ so that with our immersion methods in the problem context and our creativity techniques, we can bring suprising and meaningful innovation, even to new business models. This is how we came up with a number of powerful ‘product-service’ combinations.

Business Model Canvas

At the core of the BMI sessions is Ostenwalder’s Business Model Canvas. This proven method creates overview and challenges you to look differently at exisiting business models. Four questions are at the heart of the process: What are you offering? Who are you offering it to? How are you doing this? And what are the costs and the revenues? During a number of intensive workshops promising propositions emerged that will add value for the client and the end user. One of the motions is that: “International Plywood will share its knowledge of wooden sheet materials and applications in new ways with its customers and end users. This new service will strengthen IP’s position in the chain.” As we went through these sessions with a large team from IP, we immediately got broad support for these new directions and they were implemented with great energy.