StairWalker keeps people walking

StairWalker keeps people walking

Want to take the stairs, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as it used to, and you’re not ready for a stairlift with a seat? We developed the StairWalker for this target group, together with ThyssenKrupp. This revolutionary product gives people a helping hand when climbing the stairs.

Image boost

ThyssenKrupp is constantly alert to opportunities for innovation. To increase the market for and rejuvinate the image of the chair lift, they wanted to introduce a new product: a product that assists people who can no longer climb the stairs by themselves. One that keeps them active and independent.

In this project, we considered vision- and concept development. After various brainstorm sessions, it became clear that the product must assure control and a sense of pride.

Safe and accessible

The StairWalker will adapt to the user: the speed, height of the railings and the depth of the backrest are all adjustable. The support bracket can be swiveled so that the user can walk in and out of the StairWalker easily when in the rest position and hardly takes up any space. The design fits in every home and is appealing to the relatively young target group thanks to the use of neutral colours, and wood and leather details. The StairWalker is equipped with LED lights that illuminate the steps and so make climbing the stairs at night safe too.

Path to future needs

The design is based on another product that we developed for Thyssen. This means that as needs change, a full seat can be installed on the same track. As a result, the threshold for purchasing a chair lift just got lower.