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Levant straight-stair lift

Levant straight-stair lift

With ThyssenKrupp Accessibility, we developed the new 'Levant' stair lift. The major challenge of the project: halving the cost price in comparison with the exisiting model. A goal that we were able to achieve in close cooperation with the ThyssenKrupp team thanks to a well-thought out design that accesses the global market.

Cost reduction

We achieved the aggressive cost target by drastically reducing the number of components, and introducing production methods suitable for mass production. So, all the external parts are injection-moulded plastic. With sufficiently large production numbers, this delivers significant cost savings. In order to achieve this number, the product needs to be sold worldwide.

Global standards

In order to get the stair lift onto the global market, the design had to meet a large number of complex standards and guidelines; often different between, for example, Europe and the US, and somes even contradictory.

A major technical challenge was the weight that, according to the American standards, the stair lift must be able to bear. We made a chair with a foldable plastic seat that could carry the weight of a small car.

High value, low costs

Initially, the client had few aesthetic demands for the product. We were able to demonstrate convincingly that in every market the competitiveness of a product is increased by having a high value perception. Something that can be determined with the exterior design of the product. And – important with such pressure on price – clever design choices don’t mean an increase in costs.

We agreed on a design that was aimed at the most important markets and at the specific target group of mainly older users.

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