Luvion Walky

Luvion Walky

For our client Luvion, Spark has developed the Luvion Walky, a sturdy, safe and ergonomic walking aid that helps babies to take their first steps. With the Walky, parents can remain in control, without developing back trouble.

Upright and in control

The frame is a sturdy and solid oval aluminium tube with a two-wheeled undercarriage. The tube consists of an adjustable bracket for the child and, a few centimetres above, a comfortable handle for the parent or grown-up. While the baby grips the handle and pushes forwards, the parent simply holds the frame to keep it balanced. In this way, the toddler learns to walk safely, and the parent can remain standing upright.

Smart design

The Luvion Walky is easy to travel with. The frame can be separated into two parts quickly and without the need for any tools, and it takes up very little luggage space.
The product is also technically easy to manufacture. The same part is used in several places, which means that one injection mould is sufficient. This makes the production process inexpensive and straightforward.

The design and the combination of aluminium extrusion with sturdy plastic components aligns the Walky with today's modern and luxury pushchairs.