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M2Desk: a PC-school desk

M2Desk: a PC-school desk

School chalk is a thing of the past. It seems school notebooks and pens are on their way out too. Spark has designed the M2Desk, a school desk that, in a flash, converts into a wireless multimedia desk.

Pupils take a battery from the charger, plug it into the desk, and then they can do anything from calculations to writing or drawing, even taking a test.

Integration of desk and computer

Spark was commissioned to develop the M2Desk by the company of the same name. Spark faced the challenge of creating a robust computer workstation while maintaining the functionality of a desk. At the heart of our solution lies an ingenious twist- and adjustment mechanism. A touchscreen computer and a keyboard with a laminate finish are sunk into the desktop so that they are nearly invisible. The touchscreen rises when you press it, at which point you can adjust the height, distance and angle in any direction. The space left by the screen is automatically incorporated into the worktop, which fits snuggly onto the surface of the desk. The keyboard sits in a plastic sleeve directly behind the worktop. In the blink of an eye, pupils can move the keyboard onto the desk and get down to work.

The mechanism also allows for working with the touchscreen as the surface. With a simple tilting movement, the work top slides under the work top and allows the touchscreen to function as a work surface.
The design ensures a high level of ergonomic comfort. Pupils work with a digital pen that always supports the arm and guarantees that the angle and distance to the screen are correct. The possibility to turn the monitor to any position contributes greatly to the comfort.

Energy savings

The M2Desk can mean a hefty saving on energy use. The multimedia desk has 10 Watts of power. In comparison with an average computer with a TFT monitor of 250 Watts, this is at least 25 times less energy use. What's more, because it has a much lower heat output, there's no need for air conditioning. This also means you can save on having a separate computer room with special furniture.

Spark has ensured that the M2Desk can be mounted on almost every new and existing table bases. In this way, the multimedia desk is simple to integrate into the classroom.