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  • Charing Cross Dragon’s Den Innovation ShowcaseCharing Cross Dragon’s Den Innovation Showcase
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Suturing faster and better: Mellon Switch®

Suturing faster and better: Mellon Switch®

Meet the Switch® by Mellon. This hand held instrument helps to suture blood vessels in a controlled but quick manner. This allows the surgeon to keep one hand free and the suturing is more precise. From day one, Spark has been a committed partner in the development of this medical innovation.

On board from the outset

The Switch Suturing Device is the product of an ambitious start-up in the medical world. The goal is clear: develop an innovation that allows crucial operations to be carried out faster and more efficiently. Spark was on board from the outset. “We fully developed the (micro)technology and created the complete brand identity of this innovation,” explains director Robert Barnhoorn.

“Meaningful challenge”

To achieve results, Spark followed an intensive innovation trajectory with the client. Barnhoorn: “This challenge meant a great deal to us. Namely, that the Mellon Switch® can save lives; but, until now, something like this just didn’t exist. We remained flexible throughout the process and worked intensively with the medical specialists. And together, we came up with a surprising new solution.”

Risk Class 3

Achieving a breakthrough like this, especially for medical products, is a specialized discipline. “Material- and production technology on a micro level requires extensive cooperation with suppliers. What’s more, this is a Risk Class 3 medical instrument. We applied ISO 13485-quality standards in the development. In addition, this product complies with EN 93/42. A great achievement,” according to Robert Barnhoorn.

Award winning

De Switch® won the 2016 Dragon’s Den Innovation Showcase at Charing Cross: Europe’s biggest vascular and endovascular symposium. The prize is worthy confirmation and recognition from the global vascular surgery community. Mellon also won the 1st prize of the Startup50, part of Startup Fest Europe. 'For investors and startups transforming their wildest dreams into reality and for everyone inspired by them.'