To barbecue with one hand

To barbecue with one hand

BBQ with only one hand, keeping a hand free for a plate or a drink? A piece of cake with the BarBeQing, a new product from Flextars and Spark.

5-in-1 tool

The BarBeQing combines the functionality of four traditional BBQ tools: fork, spatula, tongs and a turning fork. The two serrated spatulas are angled at about 45 degrees and are easy to open and close with one simple squeeze. This makes it a breeze to pick up meat or fish, either by squeezing or by sliding a spatula under the food.

The two-pronged fork, which runs through one of the spatulas, is particularly special. By squeezing the BarBeQing together, the spatula automatically slides the prongs into the food. All this adds up to the BarBeQing being a unique 5-in-1 tool.

Low cost luxury

Spark took into account Flextars' wishes to stick close to their original design. We've transformed Flexstars' idea into a robust product with a sleek and luxurious look but for a cost effective price. In addition, the BarBeQing is suitable for series production.

Spark has been working with Flextars on beautiful and innovative products for some time. See also, for example, our PhoneFriend.