Next Generation Chairlift

Next Generation Chairlift

What will the new product success from ThyssenKrupp Accessibility be? How do you achieve an innovation that ensures years of progress? ThyssenKrupp felt the need for a worthy successor to its successful lift, Flow 2 and called us in.

Bespoke service

We developed a tailor-made process with four workshops in order to achieve the breakthrough innovation: Blue Sky Session, Opportunity Mapping, Design Studio and Product Launch Simulation. All based on the core question: “What does the user need, now and in the future?” We facilitated the workshops and designed and visualised along with the client.

User centered design

We observed end-users and videoed their use-routines and emotional responses. The films meant that the team could really empathise with the stairlift users. This became the inspiration for the Blue Sky Session. We also mapped opportunities from the perspective of other stakeholders (Opportunity Mapping).

Generate and enrich

In the Blue Sky Sessions we translated opportunities into a large number of product ideas. These we tested and enhanced in the ‘Design Studio’. As a result of this, ThyssenKrupp built, rather impressively, seven prototypes from different, sometimes very complex concept areas. The prototypes were demonstrated and and scored during the Product Launch Simulation.

Future proof

The process led ultimately to the introduction of the ‘Stairwalker’. This revolutionary lift gives people a helping hand so that they can get up stairs independently and stay fit and active. An innvoation with the potential to be the new product for ThyssenKrupp.