Hoistable computer table for schools

Hoistable computer table for schools

De Troubadour in Rosmalen was the first primary school in the Netherlands in 2002 to get computer tables that could be hoisted to the ceiling with PCs and all. In no time the auditorium could be converted into a multifunctional Learning Center. The tables were conceived, designed and delivered by Spark.

PCs in 2002 ...

Again: this was 2002. PCs still came with a CRT monitor and easily weighed five times of what they weigh today. Naturally, the utmost would be required of the design regarding robustness and safety.

We designed a table that could accommodate 12 complete PCs, including monitor and network equipment. All the hardware needed for operating the table was concealed behind the ceiling. Everything was mechatronically secured and in a way that the cables were unstressed when the table was stored in its highest position.

Full service

Neither in 2002 did we limit ourselves to the technical and exterior design. We took the lead in mapping the safety aspects in consultation with the Labor Inspectorate, in the communication with users and consultancy firms, in the application for development subsidies, in supplier management and in drawing up extensive construction files.