Retracting computer table for schools

Retracting computer table for schools

The Troubadour in Rosmalen is now the first school in the Netherlands with retracting computer tables. The tables are suspended from the ceiling by a heavy-duty cable.

There are twelve PCs, including monitors and network cables per table. Its inbuilt safety mechanism ensures that the cables in the highest position are never overloaded. All the mechanics are concealed above the ceiling and it is very straightforward to use.

The retracting computer tables mean that the school hall can be converted into a multifunctional Open Learning Centre in a moment. Much more cost-effective than a full time dedicated facility.

Spark managed all aspects of the project. This included drawing up the safety specifications in consultation with the workplace health and safety authorities. Communicating with users and consultancies. Drawing down funding from development grants. Contacting suppliers. Compiling comprehensive assembly documents. The tables were successfully brought to market in cooperation with KPC consultants and various suppliers.