Compact 5 HD: electronic magnifier

Compact 5 HD: electronic magnifier

An innovative electronic magnifier that is the basis for the entire product range. Unique to this model is the smooth movement that sets the comfortable reading position.

Small print …

From people with a mild eye disorder to the most visually impaired, small print no longer need be a problem. The report in the newspaper, that important telephone number on the memo pad and the text on the medicine packaging can all be read with the Compact 5 HD.

A complex product to develop, a simple product to use.

Smooth use

We gave a lot of thought to the Compact 5 HD’s clever mechanism, which smoothly flips the magnifier open. The screen tilts towards the user for a comfortable, ergnomic and stable reading position. The patented LED-light ensures a perfect image while the magnifier rests on the paper.

When folded, the 5 HD is easy to carry and of course to use as a magnifier. We went through several iterations, with mock-ups and prototypes, in order to develop a pleasant way to hold and operate the magnifier. Both in the hand and when put down on paper.

Look & feel

This product also proves yet again that products for this target group need not be stigmatising. Taking into account the constraints of production numbers, we chose for materials and detailing that matches the major consumer electronics brands.

And we developed a very efficient user interaction and an attractive visual design on-screen interface for the Compact 5 HD.