Ort-O-Mate support sock remover

Ort-O-Mate support sock remover

Support stockings are worn mostly by elderly ladies and pregnant women. And they can find stooping down to remove the stockings a challenge. The Ort-O-Mate is a motorized aid for removing support stockings. Together we worked on the development of this innovation.

Own handedly

A very relevant innovation offering independence, especially to the elderly. In close collaboration with the initiator the product was developed from idea to market introduction.

Closely involved

 It’s a great invention. We made sure all product development aspects were taken care of. For this particular product we came up with a series of test prototypes of the Ort-O-Mate first, before going ahead with the final design. Besides the technical aspects of the product, we looked into its viability on a business level. Guiding the patent application, finding grants and distribution channels helped this business to grow to a mature stage.