Product innovation opportunities for Holmatro

Product innovation opportunities for Holmatro

At Spark, creating a vision for future opportunities begins with a pragmatic search for user needs that aren’t being met. This results in an effective roadmap for product development. We have supported, among others, Holmatro in shaping this phase of product development: the fuzzy front-end.

Creative & strategic

We worked together on developing a vision for future products in a series of creative sessions. Informed by market and technological developments. With input from the management team to the assembly workers, from R&D engineers to product managers. In this way we stimulated existing ideas and expertise from all the people in the organisation, at the same time creating support. This resulted in a large amount of useful ideas, which we have visualised, clustered and organised.


The best chances for successful innovations emerge from user needs that aren’t being met. We set up a series of visits to end users, going about their daily business, in order to discover how the products are really being used. Often, this turned out to be different from how the designer, producer, or seller had imagined. This knowledge ensures that future products better reflect their users.

We have defined a number of personas to better understand typical kinds of users, and with user case studies and scenarios we can make sure we have a grasp of the context of use. The experience gained from the field allowed us to develop ideas for new or improved products.

On the map          

R&D resources are always limited. That might seem a pity, but this constraint means there are choices to be made. We were able to help with these choices and together with Holmatro, we developed the roadmap for product development. With the right mix of large and small projects. From new-to-the-world innovations and quick wins. Spread across market segments and product lines. We do this with an expertise in content and by building a relationship. Together with our client. And we do this by using our own targeted and visual methods.