Quooker Boiler-top

Quooker Boiler-top

Quooker is the inventor, developer and producer of the boiling water tap. For the latest generation of this successful product, we produced a new red 'boiler top', with a solenoid valve.

Invisible upgrade

Quooker came up with the idea to equip the new generation of the product with an electrically controlled solenoid valve, on top of the boiler. This creates a much more versatile product and reduces any heat losses. We were asked to come up with a compact solution, easy to assemble, low cost and as an almost 'invisible' upgrade.

Distinctive ease

The puzzle of the required components and functions had to be solved in a compact and clever way. Remaining as close as possible to the existing model. That way it can be fitted on multiple models of Quooker boilers with minimal modifications.

Through close cooperation with the developer of the electronics we were able to produce an optimum shape and size for the circuit board. And to work out all the details of the plastic components and the high quality insulation foam in CAD.

Quooker to the test

Using prototypes and test models, we tested whether the solution functioned as desired. In addition, special attention was given to ease of assembly. This is of great importance for cost control and reliability in such a subsystem with piping and wiring.