Reflex height adjustable toilet/showerchair

Reflex height adjustable toilet/showerchair

The Flexo, a hydraulic height-adjustable shower chair, has been selling successfully for several years. Spark has now developed its successor for Lopital Netherlands: the Reflex.


The Reflex is controlled electrically, is extremely user friendly and includes a tilt function.

Spark researched different mechanical options to power the Reflex, including both hydraulic and mechanical systems. Test models of the possible technical constructions were built to test the functions and mechanics in user trials. The ergonomics of all the supporting surfaces were researched in depth for the design.

Pre-production run

We tested the lifespan using a prototype in a special test rig. The prototype was subjected to thousands of loading cycles using a 130 kg weight. a pre-production run was then thoroughly tested in several health care institutions.