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Grenade-style fire extinguisher

Grenade-style fire extinguisher

Together with design consultant Joost Alferink, we have rapidly transformed various patents from idea to product for the Sabah al-Ahmad Center. The grenade-style foam extinguisher is one of the developed products.

Extinguishes seat of fire

It is difficult to get to the seat of the fire in cases when the blaze is in a confined space. This product is thrown into the fire and extinguishes or tempers the flames, allowing for people, animals and possessions to be moved to safety.

Technical challenges

It is essential that the extinguisher lands upright, so that the sprinkler head, specially developed by us, can distribute the extinguishing agent optimally. We achieved this with clever weight distribution and ingenious pressure vessels. Thanks to the handle, which is accessible from all sides, and the clever hanging system, the extinguisher is easy to grab and throw in an emergency situation.

Right first time

Because the prototypes had to be ready within 5 months, there was little room to redo things. Thanks to the high work tempo, quick decision-making and close cooperation with our suppliers, the 8 prototypes were finished nicely on time.


The extinguisher won the Grand Prix Prize and the Gold Medal at the iENA fair 2015.