Smart- and Decklock for pleasure boats

Smart- and Decklock for pleasure boats

Stazo is a globally operating Dutch producer of anti-theft systems for pleasure boats. With the introduction of the Smartlock a few years ago, Stazo set the standard in terms of usability, durability and design. And now Spark has been asked to rework and expand on the design of the original lock.

Secure your boat to the shore

The new Smartlock Quicklink makes it possible not only to protect the expensive outboard motor from theft but also to secure the entire craft to the shore using the Quicklink lasso cable. This cable can also be used with another new product, the Decklock Quicklink, which can be mounted on the deck of a pleasure boat.
In close collaboration with the client, Spark has developed this series of stainless steel products which unite ease of use, security and design. Alongside the development of the physical products, Spark has assisted in determining the market positioning, the development of the packaging and a carrying case for the products.

Safety and ease of installation

The user can find a suitable combination of products in the Quicklink series for the most diverse situations. Installing the Smartlock Quicklink is simple and doesn't require any tools. The system can be mounted without any permanent damage to the boat, unlike competing products in this class.

The locks comply with strict international standards and are TNO approved.