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Smart- and Decklock for pleasure boats

Smart- and Decklock for pleasure boats

Stazo is a Dutch, worldwide operating manufacturer of theft prevention systems for recreational watercraft. With the introduction of the Smartlock and Decklock Quicklink, Stazo sets new standards in of ease of use, durability and design.

Strict certification requirements

The system is made out of smooth stainless steel and easy to use and install. The Smartlock is installed without the need for tools and secures the outboard engine or - in combination with the Quicklink loop cable - the entire vessel against theft. The Decklock Quicklink is installed in the deck and secures the vessel with the loop cable.

The locks comply with strict international certification requirements and have been approved by the Dutch independent testing authority TNO for theft prevention.


We developed the Quicklink series in close collaboration with Stazo. In addition to the development of the physical products, we helped Stazo with market positioning and the development of the packaging and carrier bag.