Awarded product
  • Dutch Design AwardDutch Design Award
  • Engineers’ Choice AwardEngineers’ Choice Award
  • GIO AwardGIO Award
Enraf SmartRadar level gauge

Enraf SmartRadar level gauge

Developing an innovative modular product line for Enraf involved a profound understanding of the relevant guidelines, standards and criteria for each product. And designing solutions that comply with all the relevant guidelines, standards and requirements. Within strict cost margins.

Global approval

Products designed for application in an oil, gas or chemical tank must meet the highest requirements. They must have global approval in, for example, the area of explosion safety (ATEX, IEC-Ex, FM and CSA).

Internal explosion

The housing of the SmartRadar has been developed to withstand an internal explosion, to the point that it is not detectable on the outside. Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous. The SmartView was defined as an intrinsically safe component.

Cast-iron discipline

This kind of development requires more than just commercial feasibility and a solid construction. It demands rigorous project management and huge discipline, from reviewing the decimetre-thick files to the drafting of approval documents. Rarely do assignments require so many tests and such time-consuming attention to technical standards.

Through intensive consultation with the ‘notified bodies’ in advance and by conducting pre-tests, the project risks were made manageable and the lead time limited.