Strengthening Sweex

Strengthening Sweex

A strong brand is vital to remaining successful in the highly competitive computer peripherals and lifestyle electronics market. Together with Sweex, we have pinpointed the Brand DNA and have reproduced a concrete visual translation of this in their products.

This = Sweex

The 'visual brand language' is the basis for all future Sweex products. We organised a number of sessions with key people in order to get to grips with the existing Sweex Brand DNA. From this emerged the notion of what a Sweex product is and what it isn’t. By combining competition analysis and defining target groups, we have pinpointed a clear Brand DNA. Using six core values, we translated this into words and images, recorded in the 'This=Sweex" book; the bible for all future product developments.

Brand-driven design

To launch the brand-driven design approach, Spark developed a number of product designs. Each one an expression of the Brand DNA. Fresh, accessible products with a focused simplicity and a high level of reliability. Products with user enjoyment at their heart. Products that reflect the Sweex values and build on the Sweex brand.