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Interactive Toon®

Interactive Toon®

Energy company Eneco delivers sustainable energy and develops clever solutions to create greater consumer awareness about energy use. At the beginning of 2012, Eneco presented Toon®, a revolutionary thermostat, which for the first time gives the consumer a clear picture of their energy use and costs.

Eneco’s calling card

Toon® is Eneco’s first own physical product, an additional opportunity to make Eneco’s identity visible. For this reason, the appearance was crucial. The product must connect with a broad group of users as well as with the ambitions and identity of Eneco. In a series of sessions with Eneco’s marketers the brand values were defined. These we then translated into images and design specifications. Thanks to this approach and the collaboration with Eneco partners, Quby and Prodrive, we have achieved a design that has now become Eneco’s calling card: accessible, sympathetic and appropriate for any interior.

Close family

Toon® consists not only of a display but also of gas- and electricity sensors, a meter cupboard adaptor and a boiler module. These communicate wirelessly with the display and combine to provide insight into energy use. In addition, the boiler module is also controllable and that makes this thermostat interactive. The distinctive design of the display is reflected in these associated products. As a result, all the products form a set and strengthen the Eneco identity.