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Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

Together with RMG by Honeywell, the market leader in gas control- and measurement equipment, we designed the USM GT400. A robust and accurate Gas Flow Meter. With a look that really strengthens the RMG brand identity.

A global product

The USM is certified according to diverse explosion safety standards and regulations (including ATEX, FM, CSA) so that the product can be sold worldwide. These guidelines include strict requirements for, among other things, the design of flanges, the thickness of materials and the depths of holes.

Achieving the desired design freedom for the casing was a big challenge due to the many regulations and the need to use standard components. We gave the final design a recognisable form that exudes the RMG brand values: robust, reliable and ‘high tech’. The graphic we added to the user interface, to increase ease of use, is consistent with this.

Variation and unity

By covering the transducers and vulnerable pipes with robust covers, the functional aspects, such as safety and maintenance, are improved, and the product gets the desired recognisable look.

The covers are divided into clever pieces, so that the same parts can be used for different variants of the product family. What’s more, because the caps can be unscrewed individually, the transducers can now be replaced one by one; this saves time and delivers greater safety for the maintenance engineers.

Award winning!

This animation shows clearly that RMG is really pleased with the result - a product that meets global explosion safety standards, with a recognisable design that represents the RMG brand values. They were also full of praise for our flexible way of working.

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